Projects I've worked on (and continue to work on). Current tally is 9.

ProjectStartedDescriptionWhat happened
AppRamp2012Build automation service for mobile appsShut it down
MadLab2013A mobile UI A/B testing toolShut it down
Billgist2014A daily or weekly overview of your AWS billing usageActive
Kempt.io2015iOS app to regain disk space by deleting bad photosShut it down
LegalRisk.io2016A tool to identify personal and professional relationships for managing malpractice riskShut it down
Foretheta2016Custom software dev and security agencyActive
Cheap Cheap Fares2019Cheap air fare alerting serviceShut it down
Traindex2019Machine learning augmented searchActive
Whatsup2020Open source up/down monitorActive

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